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Air-cycle Turbo Technology Systems manufactured by the UPEC Industrial Group belong to the new generation of climate control systems, operating on safe natural refrigerants such as air.

Air-cycle Turbo Technology (ATT) is a fully variable reversible heating machine, which serves as an air conditioner in summer (max. temperature is +50°С) and as a heat pump in winter (from +7 to -50°С) with 100% potential fresh air supply. ATT can operate in the ventilation mode as well.

Air is a perfect, environmentally friendly, renewable, and above all – free of charge energy source.

Using the above mentioned air advantages, the UPEC Industrial Group has developed and launched the production of the following series of AIR-CYCLE TURBO TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS:

 Air-cycle Turbo Technology (ATT)

Air-cycle Refrigerating Machine (ARM)

 Air-cycle Heat Pump (AHP)