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An average person at the age of 70 has been in the closed premises for about 45-55 years, including at least 30-35 years in domestic premises. Controlling and maintaining of high hygienic air quality in domestic premises is an important social and medical problem, which can be solved with ATT manufactured by UPEC, which provides guaranteed fresh air supply and its cleaning with additional filters.      

ATT (Air-cycle Turbo Technology) Main Advantages

Environmental safety

Fully environmentally friendly (no freons, no refrigerants, no oils).

High air quality

In cooled (heated) premises (with temperature +20…+24°С and fresh air supply of 50…100%; in summer with relative humidity 40…60%). In premises the air changes fully (800 m2) within 4-5 minutes!

Fully variable operation in any weather conditions

Capability to operate within the ambient temperature range -50...+50°C, unlike conventional heat pumps and air conditioners, which have a significantly narrower temperature range and strictly limited capability to supply fresh air at an acceptable efficiency, both in summer and winter.

High energy efficiency with a low re-circulation rate (large percentage of fresh air)    

In cold periods, the heating rate is 2…4.2 in the temperature range -50…+7°С; in warm periods, the cooling rate is 1.3…1.7 in the temperature range +25…+50°С with fresh air supply of up to 100%.


Energy saving

High heating rates mean energy saving by 3…4.5 times in comparison with other electric heaters; thus 1 kW of heat generated with ATT is 2.3…2.7 times cheaper than 1 kW of heat generated with gas burning boiler.

Fast reaching of the required air temperature in premises



Easy serviceability and low operating costs

Due to continuous availability of air as a working medium and electric energy as the only source. No need to charge a refrigerant, oil, etc.

Low specific weight and dimensions

Ensured with an innovative design of turbo compressor and heat exchanger.

The shortest installation time

There is no need to place heat exchangers deep underground as in case of most known heat pumps of ground-air type, and thus no need in expensive construction and installation works, any special works besides air ducting and power supply (no other connections are needed, except the cases when a system has a “water heating” option).

Power supply from industrial mains, 380 V, 50 Hz