Air-cycle Refrigerating Machine

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Air turbo technologi / Air-cycle Refrigerating Machine (ARM)

ARM is a unique highly efficient and fully environmentally friendly refrigerating equipment. 

High energy efficiency results from:

1) features of a thermodynamic ATT circuit, which due to complex mathematical simulation allowed to combine optimal operating modes of every basic unit (turbine and compressor stages,

electric motor, air bearings, heat exchanger)

2) optimal unit design, which ensures its record high efficiency

Environmental safety

No freon, no ammonia and no other harmful refrigerants in the cycle, as well as no oil bearing system.

ARM high energy performance

Is ensured by an innovative design of the heat exchanger with high COP at low resistance and small dimensions, by highly efficient compatible compressor and turbine stages, and an electric motor.

If required, ARM can provide a consumer not only with cool, but also with warm air (hot water). Thus, total energy transformation rate reaches 3.5. ARM can operate without any considerable performance loss at ambient temperature of up to +50°С, thus, providing temperature in the chamber ranging from -100 to +15°С.

  •  Air-cycle refrigerating machine (ARM) is a frame with a covering comprising of the following main components:  Turbo compressor — UPEC-engineered high speed and high efficiency turbo compressor with a unique design for ATT. Compressor and turbine stages of every turbo compressor type and size are in agreement within the whole range of ATT modes.  
  • Heat exchanger — UPEC-engineered highly-efficient super-compact air-to-air heat exchanger. Temperature efficiency in the design mode is up to 95%.  
  • Fans — energy-efficient centrifugal Green tech fans with an EC-motor manufactured by the world leader in this area – German company Ebmpapst, which save from 30 to 80% of consumed energy in comparison with conventional AC-fans.  
  • Air ducts, valves, flaps, silencers with minimum aerodynamic drags.  
  • Frequency inverter — highly efficient and reliable, manufactured by the world leading company Shneider. 

  Onsite the unit needs to be connected to the air lines of premises and environment, as well as power supply. No other connections are needed, except the cases when a system has a “water heating” option. There are spaces for air duct and power supply connections on the outer surface of the frame.