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Air-Cycle Heat Pump (AHP)

Heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a thermal sensor with low temperature (most commonly – ambient temperature) to a heat sink with high temperature. Heat pump shall consume external energy for operation (for example, mechanical energy, electric energy, chemical energy).

ТНВЦ.pngEnergy-efficient and environmentally friendly air-cycle heat pump (AHP) manufactured by the UPEC Industrial Group is designed for heating with simultaneous ventilation of domestic premises, office premises, industrial premises, commercial and storage facilities, as well as fixed installations.      

AHP is a fully variable heating machine, which operates within the whole range of winter and transition modes th = +10...-50°С. Thus, AHP uses electric energy only during the whole heating modes (without fuel consumption).

AHP high energy performance is ensured by the unique and highly efficient heat exchanger and turbo compressor, as well as small aerodynamic drag of valves and air ducts.

For example, a turbo compressor with a compressor adiabatic efficiency of 86% and a turbine internal efficiency of 87% is used for the ATT-30/60. The turbo compressor rotor contains a built-in high-speed motor with efficiency of 92%, which charges from the frequency inverter with efficiency of 97-98%. Air bearings with mechanical efficiency of over 99% serve as rotor supports. Heat efficiency of the heat exchanger reaches 94% at resistance of up to 500 Pa.