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vks_logo-11.jpgAir Turbo Technology Engineering Centre was established in July 2009 within the frames of engineering strategy development for the UPEC Industrial Group in the result of the UPEC long-term cooperation with research-and-production company Turbo Vesta, headed by the current Head of the ATT Engineering Centre - Dr. Vartan Petrosyants      

Engineering Centre develops basically new generations of alternative heat engineering units, freon-free refrigerating equipment, electric turbo compressors and other hi-tech heat engineering equipment for their application in various industries, construction and other areas of economy, including social sectors.

New generation heat technology is based on the fundamental thermodynamic principles and high precision mathematical simulation, combination of some ATT know-how, unique technologies, and comprises of the most advanced components from several high-tech fields:

  • highly efficient compressors
  • highly efficient turbines
  • high speed electric motors
  • air bearings
  • highly efficient heat exchangers of a unique design
  • automatic control systems

Engineering Centre manufactures machines and units, based on the combination of unique know-how of the company in several areas of engineering knowledge and rapidly develops areas of engineering:

  • modelling and optimization of high-performance turbo compressors
  • application of high speed high-performance electric motors
  • calculation and designing of non-contact bearings
  • application of up-to-date high-performance heat exchangers
  • modelling and optimization of thermotechnical schemes 

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