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The UPEC Industrial Group — is one of Ukraine’s largest private industrial companies specializing in the engineering activities – manufacturer of components, assemblies and equipment for railway, automotive, agricultural, machine-building and metallurgical industries. Almost all OEMs in the CIS belong to its customers.

The company was established in 1995 and develops as a customer-focused engineering industrial group, which unites:

  • the largest bearing manufacturer HARP (Kharkov Bearing Plant)
  • the leading manufacturer of heavy roll and cylindrical grinding machines HARVERST (Kharkov Machine-Tool Plant)
  • the largest in Ukraine and the CIS forging mechanical plant LKMZ (Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant)
  • the manufacturer of electric motors and pumps HELZ (Kharkov Electro-Technical Plant)
  • the casting company ULK (Ukrainian Casting Company).

UPEC develops and manufactures up-to-date bearing units, electric motors, pumps and electric compressors, air-cycle climate control systems, CNC grinding machines, transmissions and chassis, agricultural machinery, as well as other machinery, equipment, units and components for the railway, automotive, agricultural, general, energy, defense and metallurgical industries.

UPEC has a unique corporate innovative system for concentration and implementation of engineering knowledge, which unites:  

  • the R&D Joint Engineering Centre (JEC)
  • certification and research test centre and specialized laboratories
  • software environment for integrated automation of new engineering products (KSA)
  • system of technology transfer, outsourcing and joint development projects with R&D centres of the leading European engineering corporations
  • specialized engineering centres for:
    — bearing industry (UKTBPP)
    — electrical engineering (SKB Ukrelectromash)
    — machine-tool industry (OKBShS)
    — transmissions and chassis (UKBTSh)

In 2009 the UPEC Industrial Group (on the basis of Air Turbo Technology Engineering Centre) has completed the long-term development and stepped up to mastering the mass production of a completely new generation of heat technology systems in the field of renewable energy, using air as a working medium instead of freon and other refrigerants, including air conditioners, air-to-air heat pumps for heating of premises, combined climate control systems for air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, refrigerating machines for direct deep air cooling.

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Strategic objective of the Company:

To create a new generation of globally competitive high-tech products, which will provide sustainable development of the Company and prosperity growth of its personnel.