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Air-cycle Turbo Technology Systems manufactured by the UPEC Industrial Group belong to the new generation of climate control systems, operating on safe natural refrigerants such as air.

Air-cycle Turbo Technology (ATT) is a fully variable reversible heating machine, which serves as an air conditioner in summer (max. temperature is +50°С) and as a heat pump in winter (from +7 to -50°С) with 100% potential fresh air supply. ATT can operate in the ventilation mode as well.

 Air-cycle Turbo Technology (ATT)

Air-cycle Refrigerating Machine (ARM)

Air-cycle Heat Pump (AHP)


Air as a basis

Ecological problems, such as destruction of the ozone layer of the Earth and progressive global warming, led to the development of our systems. It resulted in the creation of the new generation climate control systems, operating on safe natural refrigerants such as air. 

Air — is a perfect, environmentally friendly, renewable, and above all – free of charge energy source. In comparison with freon, air as a refrigerant has a lot of benefits: available, non-toxic, fire- and flame-proof, potentially applicable for direct cooling and heating of premises, no restrictions of its physical properties within the operating temperature range for all climate zones. In terms of its environmental safety, air meets all requirements of the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols.

No oils and greases

Furthermore, due to the application of air bearings, there are no oils or greases in the system, which definitely positions the unit as an environmentally friendly climate control unit of ““green energy”. 

Fully variable operation

Another very important ATT feature, with air as a working medium, is its capability to operate within the ambient temperature range: -50...+50°C, unlike conventional heat pumps and air conditioners, which have a significantly narrower temperature range and strictly limited capability to supply fresh air at an acceptable efficiency, especially in summer.

Energy saving

Moreover, from 1 kilowatt of electric energy consumed by the system, ATT produces up to 4.0-4.5 kilowatts of heating in winter and 1.3-1.7 kilowatt of cooling (with respect to humidity and ambient temperature) in summer with fresh air supply into premises of up to 100%.

Scientific Basis

All designs are based on the fundamental thermodynamic principles and high precision mathematical simulation, as well as application of air cycle and unique technology, involving advanced components from several hi-tech fields: high efficiency and high speed compressors and turbines, high speed electric motors, air bearings, high efficiency heat exchangers of a unique design and automatic control systems.  


High energy performance of ATT is ensured by high efficiency of the main components (compressors, turbines, motors), a unique gas-dynamic system, design optimization of the components operating in agreement in every operating mode, low aerodynamic resistance of air piping (air ducts, pipes, valves).

For example, a turbo compressor with a compressor adiabatic efficiency of 86% and a turbine internal efficiency of 87% is used for the ATT 30/60. The turbo compressor rotor contains a built-in high-speed motor with efficiency of 92%, which charges from the frequency inverter with efficiency of 97...98%. Air bearings with mechanical efficiency of over 99% serve as rotor supports. Heat efficiency of the heat exchanger reaches 95% at resistance of up to 500 Pa.

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 Air-cycle Turbo Technology (ATT)

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